Arma2/3/DayZ SA Injector

This injector was “Given” to me by a couple of people one called Mark and another called Alibaba.Best coders ever.Bellow install full and free version of Arma2/3/DayZ SA Injector.

Please, do not ask how to use it or what to do.. im leaving it up to people who can be bothered to fix it for themselves.Arma2/3/DayZ SA Injector

Instructions for DLL injecting Arma2/3/DayZ SA Injector:

Download bellow and install!

Rename your DLL to injme.dll and move it into your main Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead DLL folder, run the program and inject! (it may or may not work, its up to you to fix it for yourself )

Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 2

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