Realm of the Mad God DIY Event Notifier

Realm of the Mad God DIY Event Notifier

!!Make sure to UPDATE to K Relay v4.0!!

How It Works

Open clients and add them to any array of realms, these will be the listeners. The master client/s will receive notifications from them depending on what events they want to be notified about. When an event happens the master client/s can use the /go command to take them to that server and realm.

How to Use

Add your clients to multiple realms
Say ‘/en’ on any client/s that you want to be notified
Choose the events you want to be notified about
Press ‘Okay’
Wait for notifications
When you’re notified say ‘/go’ to go to the events server and realm

/en to open the settings
/en tog to toggle the notifier on/off
/go to go to an event

Drag the included .dll and .txt file into your K Relay plugins folder.


Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2
Download Mirror 2

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