TERA Hack Gold Hack (you can add as many Gold as you want) – Experience

Hello again! After two weeks I am returning to you with a new application. TERA Hack is my latest work. I spent many hours to do that program, but finally all works as it should. It’s great tool for TERA players. Whot you can do with TERA Hack ? Read more to find out.

TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea is a title role-playing game designed for play on the Internet thousands of people simultaneously. It offers an open world, an unusual combat system, economy and political system shaped by the players. The story revolves around Valkyon Federation. Our mission is to protect the organization, acting in alliance breeds living on the surface of the world against a variety dangers. In addition to external threats, we can also participate in the internal political competition, continually moving up the ladder of power.

TERA Hack 2015
TERA Hack 


TERA Hack is a multihack which offers:

  • – Gold Hack (you can add as many Gold as you want)
  • – Experience Hack (you can add EXP points to your account)
  • – SpeedHack – (move faster your character around the map)
  • – Anti-Ban system which guarantees that you will not be banned.
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Download Mirror 2

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